SIX Things to Learn About the Health of Refugees and Migrants

Refugees and Migrants

According to a survey, over 68.5 million people around the world are migrating, with 25.4 million people migrating internationally. The health of the refugees and migrants may initially be not bad at all, but they may face some health issues due to migration to a new habitat and also due to the initial struggle of making living arrangements. Here are six things to learn about the health of migrants and refugees.

Their health is equally important

The health of refugees and migrants is as important as any resident of the country under everyone’s right to health. Since both refugees and migrants support the economy of their native country as well as the migrating country, they must receive quality health services. It will not only save the lives of the migrants and refugees but also protect the health of the native residents.

The numbers of migrants of overestimated

Many citizens in European countries believe the number of migrants to be three or four times larger than the actual number of migrants. In reality, the number of migrants and refugees moving to other countries has remained only 3% of the entire world population over several decades. Also, the thought that refugees fly to wealthy countries is false, as 85% of them move to developing countries.

They still face challenges in accessing healthcare

Migrants and refugees can have a hard time accessing quality healthcare in the host country due to their legal status, discrimination, or language barriers. If the government does not have special programs for migrants and refugees to access healthcare, they may not receive the healthcare they deserve. WHO already has plans on providing specialized healthcare services to all refugees and migrants, irrespective of their legal status.


Refugees and migrants may have poor mental health

The idea of leaving the native and migrating to a new country can be stressful. The migrants and refugees have been found to have post-traumatic stress disorder. They have been found to have depression and anxiety as they suffer from culture shock and socioeconomic conditions. Unemployment and isolation is a new country can also become reasons for them to developmental stress and poor overall health.

poor mental health

Migrants and refugees have a lower risk of cancer

As the refugees and migrants may not have early diagnosis facilities, we cannot predict whether their risk for cancer is higher or lower than the host population. But, a study has found that the refugees and migrants do have lower risks of all types of cancer except cervical cancer. They also have lower cases of diabetes compared to the host population.

Children without families are highly vulnerable

Children without parents are at huge risks while migrating to another country. They can have health and social threats due to no parental care. They can be exploited or abducted during the migration journey. They may also face sexual exploitation due to no support and may face severe depression and signs of the post-traumatic disorder.

Iraq’s Return to Prosperity


The focus has turned to rebuilding Iraq’s economy as many American troops withdraw. During Saddam Hussein’s dictatorship Iraq’s economy was mainly based on one commodity: oil. Iraq is oil rich with a reserve second only to Saudi Arabia. However, the war devastated the entire oil industry in Iraq. Sound economic practices are necessary for Iraqis to return their lives and their country to a prosperous condition.

The consensus seems to be that oil is the key to the return of economic prosperity in Iraq. Iraq’s Oil Ministry recently announced that drilling will begin in the southern Gharraf oil fields (09-10-10) in hopes of pumping more oil for global sale. Most experts agree that Iraq must return to the global market in order to attract foreign investment dollars and funding for Iraqi rebuilding efforts.

One very interesting solution for providing power to the Iraqi people is solar power. At this point in time Iraq is not capable of producing electricity to meet the needs of industry and homes; its electricity production is actually only about a third of its capacity. The Iraqi government is carefully studying the role that solar power may play in providing the country’s energy needs in the future, particularly in non-urban areas. The Iraqi national power grid is inefficient. Due to plenty of surface area, sun and solar radiation, Iraq is a prime candidate to benefit hugely from the installation of solar panels. Off-grid solar technology would be a quick method for providing efficient, reliable, relatively inexpensive electricity to the entire country.

Iraq’s return to prosperity will take time. Many nations have pledged to help Iraq rebuild its infrastructure and to invest in developing industries. Iraq has many natural resources; with sound practices prosperity for the Iraqi people is not far away.

What Is the IACCI and How May it Benefit the Iraqi Economy?


The economy of Iraq has been devastated by the recent war. Now that the war is winding down the emphasis in Iraq has turned to rebuilding a viable, vibrant economy. IACCI is an acronym for Iraqi-American Chamber of Commerce and Industry, a group whose mission is to “invigorate the business community in Iraq by promoting an open-market economy and a democratic political system”.

The IACCI group is made up of Iraqi-American businessmen who are anxious to restructure war-torn Iraq. A collaborative effort is being made between IACCI, non-profit groups, American business leaders, academics, private sector, military and US governmental agencies so that Iraq may gain economic independence and stability.

IACCI is well known for its work providing business developmental support and a network base for all levels of the Iraqi economic order. IACCI works closely with the Iraqi Ministries, local and regional governments and an extraordinary mix of industries through out Iraq. Iraq is a volatile country and in the past four years IACCI has gained extensive experience dealing in such an environment. It has undertaken the managing of grant programs, massive training programs, organizing major events that involved differing factions, promoted international development and trade plus encourage renovation and new building.

The staff of IACCI continually assesses needs, performs studies and makes recommendations in reference to the economic state of Iraq. IACCI continues to support international and coalition efforts to create a stable, vital economy in Iraq which will benefit all who live in the country.



IACCI (Iraqi American Chamber of Commerce & Industry) has seven offices in Iraq, one office in Jordan and one office in the United States.   IACCI has a mission that consists of two main goals:

(1) One of the main goals is for the Araqi people to create new business through networking.  The IACCI staff really seeks to build components within the organization to include training and networking opportunities, especially to the Iraqi youth.  The IACCI has grown from a few volunteers back in 2003 to over 300 paid staff currently.  When IACCI holds one of its trade shows or expos, the number of staff can increase to as much as 1,000 members.

(2) Build up the capacity of important Iraqi private and public sector elements that are necessary to growing the overall national capacity to support a vital private sector in Iraq.

IACCI promotes Transparency, Accountability, Freedom Of Press, Freedom Of Association, Democracy, Advocacy, And Rule Of Law. A strong business community is based on business associations having an audible voice in the policy-making process. This will contribute to the growth of participatory civil society and the development of a regulatory and policy environment conducive to private enterprise.


Promote open-market economy in Iraq through a competitive system where the rules are the same for all participants, corruption is eliminated and transparency and accountability are strengthened.

* Build simplified compliance systems for small businesses by fostering the participation of business groups in the day-to-day process of government decision-making and developing laws and institutions necessary for an open market-oriented economy.
* Facilitate access to and establish consistent long term relationships between the private sector and the Iraq Ministries for the purpose of progressive commerce and trade implementation and practices.
* Serve as a catalyst concerning the reactivation of the professional associations and guilds including the Iraqi Industrial Federation, the Contractors Union and the Federation of Iraqi Chambers of Commerce by conducting free and fair elections to promote the emergence of representative intermediaries.
* Encourage entrepreneurial climate and culture in addition to expanding access to business and economic information necessary for informed decision-making.
* Development and fundraising for specific projects in support of the organization of networking events, professional development education, training, policy related events and other crucial projects as needed, to support and compliment the goals of IACCI, its members and the private sector community in Iraq.
* Promote the development of certain public sector elements that are key to the success of the establishment of an environment that allows the private sector to flourish in Iraq. This is done through training and awareness programs.
* To assist and establish long term US policy orientation towards Iraq on Congressional, White House and Governmental Agency levels including delegate visitation.
* Facilitate access to an economic focused relationship between the private sectors of Iraq and the international community through “Free Trade” magazine (IACCI’s premier commerce and industry trade publication), educational seminars and programs, events including the EXPO Trade Show, cross-cultural activities and high level economic programs for the benefit of expanded long term sustainable growth, investment and expansion of the commerce, technology, industry, civil society and private sectors in Iraq.
* Build Iraqi American Chamber of Commerce and Industry as a sustainable long term Iraqi organization