IACCI (Iraqi American Chamber of Commerce & Industry) has seven offices in Iraq, one office in Jordan and one office in the United States.   IACCI has a mission that consists of two main goals:

(1) One of the main goals is for the Araqi people to create new business through networking.  The IACCI staff really seeks to build components within the organization to include training and networking opportunities, especially to the Iraqi youth.  The IACCI has grown from a few volunteers back in 2003 to over 300 paid staff currently.  When IACCI holds one of its trade shows or expos, the number of staff can increase to as much as 1,000 members.

(2) Build up the capacity of important Iraqi private and public sector elements that are necessary to growing the overall national capacity to support a vital private sector in Iraq.

IACCI promotes Transparency, Accountability, Freedom Of Press, Freedom Of Association, Democracy, Advocacy, And Rule Of Law. A strong business community is based on business associations having an audible voice in the policy-making process. This will contribute to the growth of participatory civil society and the development of a regulatory and policy environment conducive to private enterprise.


Promote open-market economy in Iraq through a competitive system where the rules are the same for all participants, corruption is eliminated and transparency and accountability are strengthened.

* Build simplified compliance systems for small businesses by fostering the participation of business groups in the day-to-day process of government decision-making and developing laws and institutions necessary for an open market-oriented economy.
* Facilitate access to and establish consistent long term relationships between the private sector and the Iraq Ministries for the purpose of progressive commerce and trade implementation and practices.
* Serve as a catalyst concerning the reactivation of the professional associations and guilds including the Iraqi Industrial Federation, the Contractors Union and the Federation of Iraqi Chambers of Commerce by conducting free and fair elections to promote the emergence of representative intermediaries.
* Encourage entrepreneurial climate and culture in addition to expanding access to business and economic information necessary for informed decision-making.
* Development and fundraising for specific projects in support of the organization of networking events, professional development education, training, policy related events and other crucial projects as needed, to support and compliment the goals of IACCI, its members and the private sector community in Iraq.
* Promote the development of certain public sector elements that are key to the success of the establishment of an environment that allows the private sector to flourish in Iraq. This is done through training and awareness programs.
* To assist and establish long term US policy orientation towards Iraq on Congressional, White House and Governmental Agency levels including delegate visitation.
* Facilitate access to an economic focused relationship between the private sectors of Iraq and the international community through “Free Trade” magazine (IACCI’s premier commerce and industry trade publication), educational seminars and programs, events including the EXPO Trade Show, cross-cultural activities and high level economic programs for the benefit of expanded long term sustainable growth, investment and expansion of the commerce, technology, industry, civil society and private sectors in Iraq.
* Build Iraqi American Chamber of Commerce and Industry as a sustainable long term Iraqi organization