The economy of Iraq has been devastated by the recent war. Now that the war is winding down the emphasis in Iraq has turned to rebuilding a viable, vibrant economy. IACCI is an acronym for Iraqi-American Chamber of Commerce and Industry, a group whose mission is to “invigorate the business community in Iraq by promoting an open-market economy and a democratic political system”.

The IACCI group is made up of Iraqi-American businessmen who are anxious to restructure war-torn Iraq. A collaborative effort is being made between IACCI, non-profit groups, American business leaders, academics, private sector, military and US governmental agencies so that Iraq may gain economic independence and stability.

IACCI is well known for its work providing business developmental support and a network base for all levels of the Iraqi economic order. IACCI works closely with the Iraqi Ministries, local and regional governments and an extraordinary mix of industries through out Iraq. Iraq is a volatile country and in the past four years IACCI has gained extensive experience dealing in such an environment. It has undertaken the managing of grant programs, massive training programs, organizing major events that involved differing factions, promoted international development and trade plus encourage renovation and new building.

The staff of IACCI continually assesses needs, performs studies and makes recommendations in reference to the economic state of Iraq. IACCI continues to support international and coalition efforts to create a stable, vital economy in Iraq which will benefit all who live in the country.

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